Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Secret to Candy Crush

Secret to Candy Crush

The secret to avoiding the candy crush obsession? Don't start playing!

I made the mistake of playing in the spring - and it very quickly became addicting.  I did not fall into the trap of paying for boosters, lives or levels.  I refuse to pay money for a game I can play on my phone.

Did you know that if you have it on your phone, computer and ipad and run out of lives on one device, you can switch to the other devices and still have lives? Yep - I was THAT obsessed....

Do you play candy crush? or any other games online?


  1. YES..and it's the devil!! lol!! I've been stuck on level 382 for the past 3 weeks. I also refuse to pay any money.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. Have a fabulous day.

    1. I am waiting to unlock and move onto 261.....good luck@

  2. I started playing it but haven't become obsessed with it. I will play a game or two and then I won't play it again for days. (Judy Cowan)

  3. I needed this post about 6 months ago!! I am completely addicted to it. The minute my kids are in bed, I run off to grab my pod and off I go!!

  4. I was addicted to Candy Crush until I got stuck at the same round for a whole month, then I stopped haven't played it in like 4 months now! Its very addicting!
    (Tammy Dalley)


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