Thursday, October 10, 2013

Keeping Kids Entertained When Parents Are Sick

kids play when parents are sick
this is often my view from the couch while sick - kids that get into everything
Right now I am dealing with a head cold; you know the feeling - your head is full of congestion, throat is on fire and all you want to do is stay in bed and sleep it off? That's exactly what is going on right now.

However, I can't stay in bed and sleep it away - I have little people depending on me. Two little people. One of those is capable of feeding himself, and getting food for his brother - but that means raiding the cupboard filled with cookies and crackers - not the most nutritious options.

He can also get clothing out, and help little brother get dressed - but not seasonally appropriate attire.

Unfortunately, while he could probably get his lunch made, bag packed and get to the bus himself - I fear he would bring little brother with him - and that's just dangerous.

So, that leaves me having to get up (yesterday was 345 - cause little brother is also sick, but unlike most humans when they are sick, it doesn't seem to slow him down) and today was 415.

What do I do to entertain him? I lie on the couch (with the laptop at hand to check out facebook and write posts like this) and turn on Netflix. Yep - I use the TV to entertain him.  My poor 3 year old has watched more tv in the last 3 days than he normally does in an entire week..... but, see point above where little brother doesn't act like he is sick (even when his nose is dripping, coughing up a storm and seems to be running a fever) so that only lasts for so long before he starts getting bored.......

Then, we move to outdoor time. I bundle up in my super warm fall coat (when it is 18 degrees outside) and sit in the sun while he plays....this, he could do all day. We stay outside as long as I can last, and then I bribe him with a freezie to get back into the house so I can go back to lying down.

What's for dinner you might ask? I don't even know. I throw together a plate with a peanut butter sandwich (protein, right) some cucumbers and cheese, and a glass of milk!

There you have it folks - parenting at it's best!

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