Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back To School With Office Depot

Now that Mr. J has entered the school system, the last few weeks of our summer vacation includes getting ready for back to school.  Between new clothing (check here to find ways to save on this!) and often a new back pack, school supplies and the mental preparation involved in switching from summer mode to school mode - it's a busy time.

Back to School can be an expensive time of year; it's manageable for us right now, but I don't look forward to the cost when we have two to buy for. It seems that every year more and more items are needed.

How would you feel if you couldn't afford to purchase the basic items needed to start the school year off? Office Depot knows that there are many families in that position, and every year they donate "sackpacks" to families that need them. This is the 13th year they have been doing this; by the end of this campaign, they will have donated to 3 million children. These sackpacks comes in 6 different colours with kid-friendly graphics, and carry no Office Depot or Office Depot Foundation Logos on them. They include a zippered pouch filled with a pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, 6" ruler and 4 crayons. The sackpacks are meant primarily for use with kids up to grade 5; however older students may also find use for them.  They are made from the same material as backpacks, and are water resistant. They have no metal parts and store flat and are able to hold quite a few supplies and books.

Every Office Depot store in the US will receive 50 sackpacks to give to non-profit organizations and schools in the community. The sackpacks come in 6 different colours and have different designs on them.  They are not marked with.

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