Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids Swim Lessons

I have written before about Mr. J's fear of water.  How he always wants to swim, but would end up scared and not get into the pool - or cling to me.

We had a great summer last year, visiting friends with a pool almost weekly; he did well in his swimming lessons with the city in the fall, however he wouldn't put his face/head in the water and still has that fear.

I really want him to enjoy swimming; we have lots of family/friends that have swimming pools, and I don't want him scared to be in the water.

I decided to put him in to private swim lessons.  There is a woman in her early twenties that started a business out of her parents home - offering private and semi private lessons in her backyard!  When I found out about this last summer, she was full. I put my name on her waiting list in March - and as soon as she emailed me we him up with private swim lessons.

It is the best thing we could have done.  He still doesn't want his face/head wet - but he has really perfected his kick and is doing so well in other areas.  I am unsure if he will pass the first level (with him not putting his face/head in - that's still a pretty big issue) but I am SO SO proud of my Mr.J.

She actually had cancellations for 2 separate weeks over the summer -so Mr. K will be going next week, and one week in August as well! can't wait to see how he likes it.

If you have kids with a fear of water, I would highly recommend that you look into private kid swim lessons for them.  Group lessons don't work well for kids that are timid; they really only get 5-6 minutes of 1-1 instruction in a 30minute session.


  1. I had a son with a fear with putting his face in the water, but I have never thought about a private instructor before. Something I did with my son, is I gave him a pair of goggles. He ended up becoming quite the water bug after that.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We ended up getting him a pair of goggles last summer, and the difference was amazing.


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