Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Things For Kids

10 activities for kids

With summer here, there are lots of kids at home with "nothing to do" over the summer. My 6 year old has already told me that he is bored - which is something I don't understand when his room is filled with lego, angry bird games and lots of workbooks/reading books.

I have come up with some activities to try and keep the boredom at bay (although, I do think it is good for kids to be bored sometimes - it lets them come up with ways to entertain themselves)

A few things on my list (and some of these will be specific to where we live)

  1. Water fight - grab those water guns that were in storage over the winter and chase each other around the backyard.  Lots of family fun, great exercise.  Don't want to get wet? Recruit some of the neighbourhood kids instead!
  2. Play tag with friends/neighbours
  3. Nature Walks
  4. Get them in the kitchen and let them create something (hopefully it is edible, but if not at least they had fun experimenting!)
  5. Take a walk/bike ride to the library and let them explore the childrens section
  6. Upper Canada Village (morrisburg, ontario)
  7. Make paper boats and fill up a large container or kids swimming pool
  8. Have a movie marathon (probably best saved for a super hot, humid or rainy day)
  9. Have a picnic! Head to a local park to spend the morning having fun outside and then finish it up with a picnic!
  10. Take a trip to a local swimming pool to cool off

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