Friday, June 21, 2013

June grocery challenge - FINAL week

This marks my last post for my June grocery challenge.  I was challenging myself to spend $400 for 4 weeks of groceries.

Last week I was left with $108.03 to shop this week.  Today I spent $79.00 - and I have 2 things left to pick up, which were not available at RCSS.  The roast and chicken should come to about $22.00 - which will bring my total to $101.00  for the week.

Unfortunately, I don't have a breakdown of the costs, but MOST of what I bought was actually on-sale already for great prices, and I only price matched a few items (toilet paper, cookies and tomatoes).

My grand total for the last 4 weeks is $388.97. I will also point out that I did a lot of stocking up this month because of super sales/coupons (peanut butter, pasta, bbq sauce, cheese and toilet paper). These items alone probably account for $50 out of what I spent - and were not/ will not be used during the month of June. AND this total includes diapers/wipes for Mr. K

With my total for the month, and averaging it out I spent just over $97.00/week.  Without stocking up, that price could easily have been $85, and if I could even get it down another $10 or so if I hadn't bought the treats (cake for last week etc)

I am very happy with how the month turned out.  What about you - what was your grocery bill for the month of June?

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