Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Today is the day set to celebrate those special dad's in your life.  Your father/step-father, your husband/partner - and anyone else you feel deserves some special recognition.

Today is always a little tough for me - makes me miss my dad (a little more than normal).  I generally take a trip out to his grave to have a little visit. It's a beautiful spot - right on the river. Hugs to all of you that are missing your own dads. And hugs to those dad's that have angel babies - or are struggling to become a father.

Happy Father's Day to my daddy (love and miss you XO) and to my wonderful hubby.  Read about my special Freshco shopping trip for Father's Day!

And a few pics of hubby and the boys:

holding Julien for the first time, 8 days old

hanging out at Andrew Haydon Park
cuddling with Kyle, 1 day old

everyone was tired

I was working late, came upstairs and found Mr. J passed out on  his dad

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