Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

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Most people have already started (or maybe even finished) spring cleaning their homes.  What about vehicle spring cleaning? Here are some tips from  Insurance Hunter to help you ensure your vehicle is in top shape as we head into the warmer months:

- when having your winter tires removed, have a maintenance check on your vehicle to make sure it's running as it should be after the cold winter

- change your winter safety/survival kit to a summer one. Different seasons require different supplies (you can ditch the winter gloves and shovel for sunglasses and sunscreen - bottled water is good too)

- clean the interior of your car; the salt and slush can stain the mats and upholstery - now is a great time to freshen up the vehicle by giving it a good vacuum (and a wash would be nice too)

- get rid of things that are cluttering up your vehicle; people tend to allow things to build up throughout the winter, now is the time to clean it out and keep only what is needed

Do you spring clean your car? It's something I really need to do  - although I need to make a conscious effort to do a sweep every week - my car is always full of stuff. I would like to blame my children, but I can't. It's pretty much always been like that.  I am horrible for leaving un-needed receipts, empty drinks, and now that the kids are here there stuff clutters it up too.

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  1. I just did this and I have to admit it felt good to have a clean car after a rough winter!

  2. Oy, I have to admit my car is neglected and it shows. Maybe I'll enlist the kids to do it this year :)

  3. I do spring clean my car (or my husband does, lol). It is very important after the rough winter, snow.

  4. I really need to clean out my dirty, old minivan - the kids eat in it and man does it ever get gross!!!

  5. WE just cleaned our van, after a long winter, boy did it need it. These are great tips!

  6. I do spring clean the car, after the winter it really needs it!


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