Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney's BRAVE Princess Merida - redesigned?

I love the movie Brave; hubby and I took Mr. J to see it in the theatre on his birthday last year, and the character of Merida really stuck out to me.  I loved how they portrayed her as a strong heroine.  A princess that had a mind of her own and didn't want to coform to what was "expected" of her.

I was shocked when I read online that Disney had changed her in anticipation of her official induction as a Disney Princess.  They re-designed the dress giving it a low - cut neckline;  the transformation made her seem older and sexy - and was something definitely NOT called for.

There were a lot of unhappy people writing about it and requesting that Disney leave her alone.  It hasn't been announced officially from Disney yet, but apparently the newer version of Merida has been removed from the Disney website. I can only hope this means that they listened to the viewers and fans and kept her in the original state.  You can read mor about it HERE

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