Friday, May 31, 2013

June 1-8th Meal Plan

To go along with my grocery challenge, here is our meal plan for the week; I am only going to list dinners - breakfast foods we always have on hand (cereal/bagels/waffles) and lunches are most often sandwhiches and fruit/yogurt (PB, Bologna, Grilled Cheese are the main ones the kids like)

Meal 1: Sweet and Sour Meatballs served over rice, green beans (there will be enough for leftovers)
Meal 2: Spaghetti w/meat sauce, garlic bread
Meal 3: Tortellini and garlic bread
Meal 4: BBQ chicken, carrots and sidekick
Meal 5: BBQ steak, potatoes and greek salad
Meal 6: leftovers
Meal 7: chicken nachos

When I am buying my groceries for the week, I will be purchasing the veggies for these meals; all the meat is already in the freezer from previous stock ups.  The main part of my groceries this week will be fruits and veggies; as well as stocking up on great sale items (pasta, peanut butter, toothpaste).

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