Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make S'mores

Having grown up eating S'mores, you can imagine my surprise to come across someone that hadn't tried them before.  This was when I discovered that S'mores are a North American treat.  My friend is from England, and had never tasted the gooey, chocolatey goodness. I made sure to change that, and introduced her to the delicious treat that evening! If you haven't made them before - keep reading to learn how to make s'mores yourself.

What you need to make S'mores

Regular Sized Marshmallows (or the extra large campfire ones)
Stick for roasting
Plain Chocolate Bar (I like Jersey Milk best, but Dairy Milk or any plain milk chocolate bar would work)
Graham Crackers

How to make S'mores

  • Place your graham crackers on a plate, top half of the crackers with chocolate squares (to almost cover the whole square)
  • Roast your marshmallow (to get a perfectly roasted marshmallow, hold the stick somewhat high over the fire - you don't want the marshmallow IN the flames. It can take a while, but to get the best results, patience and time are needed)
  • When the marshmallow is gooey, and just starting to get golden - remove from stick and place on top of chocolate square;
  • Cover with another Graham cracker, and SQUISH together; the heat from the marshmallow will then melt the chocolate and you are set for your rich, indulgent treat!

Be warned - they are VERY messy; you may want to have a damp paper towel ready to clean your chin and fingers when you are done!

**these can also be made in the microwave, but they are nowhere near as good - the graham crackers get soggy; another alternative if you do not have a camp fire is a candle**


  1. We have recently discovered cookies that already have chocolate on one side!! They are absolutely fabulous for making s'mores and the chocolate melts all the way; sometimes with the chocolate bars, the chocolate pieces are a little too big and stay solid. :D

    Also, we have roasted marshmallows over our kitchen stove before. YUM!

    1. I should buy these. I have seen them in the stores, but wasn't sure the cookie would be I am curious


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