Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Internet and Auto Insurance

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I am a big fan of the internet. It allows me access to so much information that I probably wouldn't have if it weren't for the web.  The internet has had a positive change for how many people conduct research before making decisions/purchases.

 I love that I can get information when it is convenient for me; I have 2 young children, and making phone calls duing business hours or driving to appointments is not convenient for me.  Having the opportunity to do my research in the evening after they have gone to bed is a great way for me to stay informed, and helps me to make the right decisions for me and my family.

This is no different for shopping around for car insurance rates. It gives people the opportunity to research the different insurance companies/brokers that are out there; they can search for information on a particular situation; they can find out about new developments in the industry by reading up on blog posts and news articles. They have the chance to research different insurance policies and a way to connect with their insurance agent/broker.  

Instead of calling or meeting face to face with insurance agents, customers can now get information at their fingertips.  Insurance Hunter has just released a report on how the Internet has changed the auto industry, I would encourage you to head on over and have a read through for yourself, and see what they have found. How wonderful is it to be able to send an email when you don't require an immediate response? No waiting on hold for the person to answer the phone - just a quick typed message and the click of a button.

What about you? Do you like researching before hand on the internet? or would you rather meet with someone face to face?



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  1. I always do my research online, narrow it down and call if I feel like I need to.

  2. I am an independent insurance broker in Ottawa. We provide a lot of service and information online for the exact reasons you mention above. What we find however, is that most people research on line, but still want to speak with someone before finalizing everything. Being able to have a two way conversation, allows us to dig a bit further, to make sure we cover all the appropriate recommendations. That being said, the internet is a great way to research ahead of time. Quite often, we end up speaking with someone for the first time, but they already know a lot about our company and the insurance companies we represent. We have also found online chat to be useful. Thanks for the article.

  3. I like doing my research on line, with 4 kids as my background music it just works better for me.

  4. I'm originally form BC, where you don't get a choice so when I moved to AB I went with the first place that gave us a discount...I should probably look into it further.

  5. I love both. I like to first go online and check out a few and then meet up afterwards. Insurance is so important, but can be expensive, so it's good to be with someone that will do their best to help and take care of you if you need it!

  6. When it comes to something like this, I prefer to meet face to face. I guess I like to research before hand as well so I am aware of what's out there and be somewhat educated before meeting with a broker :)


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