Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day Fun at Brinkeetos

My hubby had to work today, so it was just the boys and I. I wasn't really sure what to do with them (it's colder out than I would like). Then, I saw a facebook update from Brinkeetos - they were open this morning from 9-noon!

We packed up and headed over for some family day fun, and we weren't the only ones. The place was jam packed with lots of kids and their parents.

The boys spent the majority of our time playing with these huge balance balls - they had so much fun, and used up lots of energy while they were at it!

fun with a ballfun at brinkeetos


  1. my hubby had to work family day too, boo! This looks like fun, i always avoid places like that one holidays, I hate crowds! lol you're a good mommy! lol

  2. It was not a Family Day in our province!! My daughter would love that balance ball!!!

  3. My hubby had to work too! Those balance balls look like tons of fun.

  4. My daughter loves playing with my balance ball at home too. Family Day turned out to be pretty cold here too so we mostly stayed at home, luckily we got out the day before when it was nicer and took advantage of the more reasonable weather :)

  5. It looks like you had a fun Family Day!


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