Sunday, October 14, 2012

delicious smoothie

I like to treat the kids to smoothies every now and then, but I can't bare to pay the price at restaurants/coffee shops or smoothie bars. SO - we make them at home. They are so simple to make, and EASY to customize to individual tastes.

Below you will find my base recipe:

1 banana
1/4 cup frozen berries
1/2 cup yogurt *
1/2 cup orange juice**

Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. If it is too thick for your liking, add in more oj. Not thick enough, add in more banana or yogurt.

*any flavour of yogurt can be used, I generally use vanilla because that is what we normally have on hand
**any flavour of juice can be used, I use OJ because I like the flavour


- pineapple (gives a somewhat exotic taste, but not enough for a picky eater to know the difference)
- omit juice altogether
- crushed ice will give it a slushier texture
- any type of fruit will do - we love the taste combination of banana, orange and berries
- spinach (yes, a great way to get their greens into them - BUT some people do not tolerate the spinach/dairy combination - I learned the hard way with my son)
- protein powder can be added, or a carnation instant breakfast
- for a less healthier option, you could use real frozen yogurt (the dessert kind) instead of regular yogurt

As you can see, you can pretty much turn anything into a smoothie - healthier than a milkshake but still a sweet treat!


  1. I find that putting in some chia seeds (a superfood) and protein powder really work for my kids. The teenage girls just go zooming out the door so its nice to know they can have a travel mug of goodness :)

    1. great idea - I think I will pick up some chia seeds!

  2. smoothie are a favourite for us this looks wonderful


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