Wednesday, September 19, 2012

stupid, dumb....words I hate

I really, really dislike when my kids use words like stupid and dumb. I will admit, that I use them - but I don't use them directed towards people (not that it is much better, and I would love to stop using them, but it's difficult - kind of like trying not to swear, when it has been part of your vocabulary for 20+ years).

What I hate so much about these words, is that people direct them towards other people. At 5, Julien is still experimenting and doesn't really understand the meaning behind them. He has no idea what kind of an impact hearing "you are stupid" or "that's a dumb idea" can have on someone.

I try and explain to him that it can REALLY  REALLY hurt someones feelings when they hear those words, but so far it is just going in one ear and out the other - I am not ready to give up on it just yet though.

What about you - are they acceptable words in your house?

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  1. Nope. Not acceptable. I'd rather hear my son drop an f-bomb. "Hate" is on the list, too. He doesn't say them and calls people out (my mom, specifically) when they do. He's 4 and just started school, so it might get harder to deter him as he hears it more often.

    It amazes me how many kids shows use those words.


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