Thursday, September 20, 2012

it's getting cold outside

Now that we are only a few days away from Fall officially starting, it is beginning to get cold inside the house.  We, however, like to save money (and the house from being dry with the furnace on) so we try and wait as long as possible before putting our heat on.

Our goal is generally to make it until mid-late October, however I think the latest we have ever gotten is Thanksgiving weekend.  To help combat the chilliness of the house, a few things that we do:

- keep blinds/curtains OPEN - let in that sun!
- keep the beds made (helps to keep the mattress/sheets from getting too cold)
- have a nice cup of hot chocolate in the evening after dinner
- dress appropriately for the temperature (socks, pants, long sleeved shirts and sweaters)
- use a blanket - or cuddle up with the one you love!

These tips may not work for everyone, but it helps get us into October without needing the furnace running!

What do you do to keep warm?


  1. I'm one of those ppl who is always hot! I don't have to work too hard to stay warm but in the event that I do get cold, I bundle up and snuggle up!

  2. Great post! We have lit the wood stove twice now. Before the wood stove we were like you holding off as long as possible! Love the tips!

  3. I keep it off as long as possible. Hot choc would help!!

  4. I always get everyone to wear sweaters as long as possible!!

  5. Luckily we are on an equal payment plan for our Hydro services. We have turned on the baseboard heaters already. So sad how it got so chilly so quickly.

  6. We have electric baseboard heat here, so we are NOT turning the heat on yet, NO WAY. And it was 19 in our house yesterday! EEK!
    We light a nice candle, put on something a bit warmer, maybe bake something comforting, play an active videogame on kinect etc.. and sometimes just making it look cozy makes it FEEL cozy!

  7. I just said to my hubby last night I wanted to turn on the furnace. I froze all day yesterday and I'm sitting under a blanket right now. If it doesn't warm up again, I know it'll be coming on soon. I do like to try to get to the end of September though.

  8. Sorry to say our furnace has already cut in a few times at night. We live in an older house and although we are constantly renovating and updating we have yet to get to the insulation. It's almost time to put the storm windows in I'm afraid :(


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