Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kyle and the clippers

My oldest has never liked getting his haircut. Ever. I would struggle through while he cried, but we always were able to finish the cut (although I am sure the hairdresser/barber cringed anytime they saw us coming).  We finally had some success with his grandparents taking him, but after a year of that it wasn't working either.

Kyle was great with his first cut, and ok with the 2nd. I dreaded the 3rd attempt - and asked hubby to just buzz it at home.

Friends posted a pic of their son a few weeks ago getting his head shaved, and eating a freezie - so I stole the idea.  We gave him a freezie and hubby went to work - he didn't even EAT the freezie until the cut was finished as he was too busy figuring out what his dad was doing.



and the final product - the next morning we continued to give him a slight mohawk!


  1. Not sure who's braver, you or Kyle. Ben wondering what to do with my son's hair (looks like Kyle's before picture). Does he ever look like a different kid. Could just be the picture.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

    1. He does look different....but I love it. We actually continued the next morning and gave him a slight mohawk (although the hair is too short to stand up) but it is super cute...just about to update the post now

  2. I used to have such a hard time cutting my son's hair! I use clippers and he finally lets me do it, but he's never overly impressed lol. Kyle looks so cute and will be great for summer heat :)

  3. Amazing how a haircut can completely change someone's looks! He was adorable before and is just as adorable after! Love the pics!

    We've had some haircut woes with Little One. I cried the first time she had a haircut (she's now 3.5 years old). For some reason, haircuts just make them look like 'big kids'! This past December, I attempted to give her a trim and it just kept being crooked, so I kept trying to straighten it out. I kept cutting, and cutting, and cutting, and soon her hair was ear level!!! Hubby had to confiscate the scissors from me and tell me to STOP CUTTING!!! She ended up with a cute bob (much to my shock and surprise, it turned out okay). At least it wasn't the "bowl cut" that many of us sported back in the 70s and 80s! LOL!

  4. Nice! Luke was petrified for the first couple years too. We actually didn't even finish the hair cut a few times, lol. Then we found Goobers had a Lightning McQueen barber chair and he was sold!

  5. We shave our oldest sons head and I will be doing the babies when he is older AFTER we do the whole first cut at the kids cut place. So much easier and quicker.


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