Monday, July 23, 2012


I know that co-sleeping is a big no-no when it comes to infants, and I will admit that I did it occasionally.  When you have a breastfed baby - it is really easy to nurse them lying down and you can both sleep. All they want is the comfort of your breast, and it allows you to both get your rest while baby gets the nutrition/comfort they require.

As much as it would have been nice to co-sleep with Kyle regularly, Julien was a nightly fixture in our bed and I was always worried that he would roll over onto the baby, or kick him in the head or it rarely happened. Now, at 23 mths, Kyle will still only sleep in his crib - which is GREAT in some respects, but it made it difficult to be out of the house when he was younger because he wouldn't sleep in the stroller/car seat or playpen at someone else house.

Julien, when he was an infant I would pull him into bed with me when he awoke at 4 or 5 am. This allowed me to get an extra hour or 2 in, even if he didn't sleep he liked the comfort of being next to me. When he was about 20 mths old, my hubby was working a weird night shift, and when Julien woke up in the middle of the night I would bring him into our bed. It got him back to sleep, and let me sleep too!

However, at 5 yrs old, he is still a nightly visitor to our bed. I am not completely bothered by it, he obviously needs the reassurance, so I will let him continue for awhile. BUT - what used to be a 3 or 4am visit, has now started to become a 10pm - 12 am visit. It has gotten MUCH earlier.  I am tempted to sleep in his room for a week and see if we can get him out of the habit....the problem lies in that I would need to sleep on the floor.

What is REALLY funny - is that before I  became a mother, I swore my kids were not going to sleep in my bed. Ever.... haha, guess I was wrong.

Do your kids climb in with you?


  1. I used to be a secret co-sleeper. Because the many don't approve of co-sleeping (and I do understand the potential risks), it was so much easier when breastfeeding to have Little One right there. Plus her room is on the main floor and ours is upstairs. She enjoys sleeping on her own, but on the odd night, she'll want to climb in bed with us.

    I was surprised to discover just how many of my friends actually do co-sleep!

  2. I never co-slept because mine were too small in the beginning (less than 5 pounds) and I never got into the habit (my husband wouldn't have let me).

    I really enjoy my sleep and the odd time I tried to nap with them, I didn't get a wink.

    No judgement here, whatever works for the family.
    Besos, Sarah
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  3. Before I was a mother I swore I wouldnt do a LOT of things too. :) If it works for you guys then great!!!

  4. no way! kids are banned from the bed, I was one of those that swore it as well but I stuck to it, mostly because I am selfish and need my sleep! I love it when the kids come pile in the bed in the morning (at a reasonable hour) but they are in no way sleeping in our bed through the night! lol

  5. I also said I wouldn't do a lot of things before having kids. LOL. Well, I haven't stuck to all those things I said I wouldn't do. My opinion is do what works for you! I always tell people "it's easier said than done sometimes". I've known lots of parents who did cosleeping and who didn't. Whichever is best for your family :)

  6. Sometimes co sleeping is just easier. Its not a daily routine, but sometimes if I am still tired and my kids is awake he climbs in with me. Its all good!

  7. I co-slept all of my kids, I loved having them with me and it helped with the sleep levels. I love my sleep!!! When I was expecting child #2 and child #1 still wanted to sleep with us (they're only 18 months apart) I would put blankets on the floor next to our bed. this was his nest. eventually we moved his nest down the hall and into his room and then into his own bed. It was an easy and smooth transition for him.

    My 6 yr old (youngest of 4 kids) still comes into our room at night when he can't sleep, he makes himself a nest. :)


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