Monday, April 9, 2012

New look for Tales of Mommyhood

I have been wanting to get a blog makeover for quite awhile. I searched and searched, tried a few things (that I didn't like) and just couldn't come up with anything.  I put it out on twitter that I was on the hunt for a new look, and wound up connecting with Lisa Marie. We are both in a blogging group, but hadn't actually connected before.

Lisa Marie and I chatted over email for a few days and I gave her a few ideas floating around in my head (which weren't many - I really am not a very creative person).

Lisa Marie was able to pick through the muddy ideas I had and pull out pretty much exactly what I was envisioning - and here we have it! My new look!

I hope you like it - and keep stopping by to see what's happening around here.

You can learn more about Lisa Marie over at her website. She doesn't have a design page up and running yet, but you can find her email and contact her!

Lisa Marie - thank you for all your hard work this weekend - I am super happy with the new look here at Tales of Mommyhood!


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