Monday, April 9, 2012

and it's done

Easter is over for another year - but somehow my house is still overrun with Chocolate. Every year I say no candy - but then end up going overboard.

Next year, the only chocolate they will get is what the Easter Bunny leaves for an egg hunt. Other than that, they will get a few outdoor toys - and I think that will be it. (someone please remind me of this while I am doing my easter shopping!)

The kids have had chocolate for breakfast again today - I think I will be hiding their Easter stash this afternoon.


  1. LOL, sounds like me. But, I hide their stuff. I let them go at it on Easter then after that, wean it out. :P

  2. I am too sick to even enjoy the chocolate, probably by the time i feel better the family will have eaten it all lol

  3. We have never had our own hunt before, but decided to this year. Holy smokes, the kids have so much haha. I just let them go to town. They can binge - it's not like it's always this junkie in our house. :) I might have eaten more chocolate lately than I'm happy to share about.....

  4. I let them have a piece of chocolate every time they asked this weekend and funny enough, they didn't ask for it all day today.

  5. We really did stick to the no candy rule but my DD attended a Easter Egg hunt at a friend's and she really cleaned up! We bought her Playdoh filled eggs for her easter egg hunt at home. It went over really well!


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