Monday, March 19, 2012

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Yesterday afternoon was spent outside! We got the kids out on the back deck for some very much needed fun in the sun.

I filled up the water table and the kids had a blast.

Kyle also discovered a new use for the water table

Julien had fun hanging around

I also realized that my children are going to hate me when they grow up and see what they wore - but how can you not love a romper - they are just the cutest thing ever

While we were sitting outside, soaking up the beautiful spring sunshine, I mentioned to my husband that before  we had kids, we would have wasted the beautiful day lying around on the couch watching movies or playing a game.  We didn't really appreciate the warm, sunny days as we do now that we have our wonderful kids.

How did you spend this beautiful weekend?


  1. Oh! I love those pictures - looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Looks like a real fun day. My boys went to the beach and got a sunburn Yikes :)

  3. Great pictures! Your little ones look like they had a ball, I'm absolutely loving this weather!

  4. HA I love how he just climbed right on in :)

  5. My 3 yr old would've climbed in too, and then I would have 3 boys on a broken table :P

  6. Cute! I'd love to have a little of that warm weather here. Yesterday was windy and today I woke up to fresh snow!

  7. looks someone is enjoying this lovely weather. :)

  8. This weather has been AMAZING, it has been so much fun to get outside in MARCH to play!

  9. It's gotten chilly here but when it was warm, we were outside everyday for hours! Gorgeous pictures.

    1. It has gotten chilly here too - hats, mitts and winter coats are back on for school in the morning.....


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