Thursday, September 2, 2010

today is the day

Well, today is the day. We should be meeting our new little one anytime.  I am still waiting to get a phone call for the induction - 45 minutes and I can call them to see if they have a time for me.

It is very strange to KNOW that I should be holding my little one at some point today.

Julien stayed at J's parents last night, so that we didn't have to worry about getting him ready to go first thing this mornign if we got the call.

We took him out to dinner, to have one last supper as a family of 3. Don Cherry's is a new favorite of ours, and it's pretty kid friendly.


Still waiting around the house. The doctor called at 9am and said that they were super busy, so she wouldn't be able to do anything until at least 6pm. She told me  to go about my day, and then she would call me this evening and if they can't do the induction,  I still need to go in and have my BP checked. So we wait.

J and I have been glued to the couch watching movies and napping, hopefully it will help us get through what might be a very long and hard night.

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