Thursday, August 26, 2010

we have a date

Monday I started having contractions again. They began around 11am, and were 10 minutes apart. Julien was going to stay at Frank and Susan's, in case there was any progress. Well, they continued until 11pm, and then stopped.

Tuesday morning I had an ob appt, and she checked me. I was still 2cm, but thinner than last week -which she said is still good news - because things were happening. Babies h/b was good, but she was a little concerned as my BP was up a bit.

Originally she said to come in this tuesday, and we would schedule an induction if I made it to the appt. But, after looking over my chart and BP for the last 8 weeks, she decided that she wanted me to have the baby sooner. So, she is working at the hospital on Saturday - so she has me booked in for an induction. She said that it is only 1 day before my EDD, and at this point the baby is cooked. With my previous history of pre-eclampsia, and the pregnancy induced hypertension in this pregnancy, she isn't comfortable with me going past my EDD.

So, if nothing happens before then - we will have a baby sometime Saturday! I am pretty excited. She is confident that breaking my waters will trigger my body to start things up on it's own, which means no synthetic induction! That makes me happy!

I am hoping that I have a quick and easy delivery like Jules, but who knows. I am a little nervous because his was SOOOOO easy, that I don't know what I will do if this one is not.
I am very glad that my OB will be the one delivering the baby, since she wasn't last time.

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