Monday, September 13, 2010

breastfeeding around little ones

When I was younger, my cousin was born. I was 6. My aunt was a new mom, and she was breastfeeding. She was in a bedroom at another aunt's place, and my 5 yo cousin and I wanted to watch. She can't remember which one of us asked, but we were so fascinated that milk came out of her breast, we asked if food came out the other one.

When I was nursing Julien, I wasn't really around many little ones, so I never encountered questions. However, with Kyle having an older brother and older cousins, the questions are starting.

Chloe wanted to hold him on Saturday, but he needed to eat. So, I told her after I fed him she could have a turn holding him. She very kindly offered him her pogo and french fries. I told her that was kind, but that he had to have milk from his mommy. She started to ask questions, so Wes told her that Kyles milk came from my boob - she wanted to watch.

Julien likes to watch me pump sometimes, and last night I was pumping (only 1 side) and he asked if it was white milk - and if the other breast had chocolate milk - cause he thought Kyle would really like the chocolate side better.

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