Thursday, August 26, 2010

we have a date

Monday I started having contractions again. They began around 11am, and were 10 minutes apart. Julien was going to stay at Frank and Susan's, in case there was any progress. Well, they continued until 11pm, and then stopped.

Tuesday morning I had an ob appt, and she checked me. I was still 2cm, but thinner than last week -which she said is still good news - because things were happening. Babies h/b was good, but she was a little concerned as my BP was up a bit.

Originally she said to come in this tuesday, and we would schedule an induction if I made it to the appt. But, after looking over my chart and BP for the last 8 weeks, she decided that she wanted me to have the baby sooner. So, she is working at the hospital on Saturday - so she has me booked in for an induction. She said that it is only 1 day before my EDD, and at this point the baby is cooked. With my previous history of pre-eclampsia, and the pregnancy induced hypertension in this pregnancy, she isn't comfortable with me going past my EDD.

So, if nothing happens before then - we will have a baby sometime Saturday! I am pretty excited. She is confident that breaking my waters will trigger my body to start things up on it's own, which means no synthetic induction! That makes me happy!

I am hoping that I have a quick and easy delivery like Jules, but who knows. I am a little nervous because his was SOOOOO easy, that I don't know what I will do if this one is not.
I am very glad that my OB will be the one delivering the baby, since she wasn't last time.

Monday, August 23, 2010

rainy day outing

It's such a crappy day here, and Julien hates being cooped up in the house, so we decided to head into bells corners and visit Kid Kaf for the first time. It's ok - it took Jules a while to warm up and so he stayed glued to my side for the first half hour, but then he started having fun.

I think the next time we go, we will make sure to have a playmate with us (for both of our sakes).

A few pictures of the little monkey

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is very strange to realize that I am almost at my due date - and still no baby. From the beginning, I felt that I would end up with the same problems as Julien's pregnancy, and be induced early. Even my GP and OB figured it would happen.

When my BP started going up, my OB just wanted to get me to 37 weeks, and then she was going to induce me - was she ever surprised when 37 weeks came and my bp had leveled off back to normal.

I feel very much like a first time mom, as I didn't go into labour naturally - and was being monitored so closely during the induction process with Julien.

I am getting anxious to meet this little babe - and very curioius to see what this one's personality will be like. I am looking forward to seeing Julien interact with his baby sibling - hoping for a great transition to big brotherhood, but prepared for some bumps along the way!

I think this is goin to be a long process

Monday afternoon I was really sick, and started having contractions. We made the decision to have Julien stay at J's parents, in case I needed to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. After supper, they died down - and were only happening 1 or 2 times an hour.

I tried to sleep, but couldn't. Finally, about 1230 I dropped off. But, I was awoken at 230 with menstrual like cramping. At about 315, the contractions started up again and they were 5 minutes apart. I timed them using, and after an hour woke J up and told him we should head to triage to get checked out. They weren't overly strong, but the doc had told me the week before to head in at 5 min apart because of my speedy labour with Jules.

We got to triage and hooked up, I was definitely contracting every 5 minutes, and they were lasting approx 45 sec. The nurse checked me, but wasn't optimistic - however, she was surprised to see that I was 2cm and 50% effaced. Babies h/b was pretty fast when we first got there, but it did calm down and they were comfortable sending me home, as thingss didn't seem to be going anywhere. I had an appt that morning with my OB.

My OB was quite excited to hear that things were starting to happen, and she was pretty sure that I would be delivering in the next few days.

However, a few hours after my appt the contractions died down. I tried walking, bouncing on an exercise type ball, nothing really going on. Jules was staying at Frank and Susans again tuesday night, just in case - but the evening was uneventful - I did however have a terriffic sleep!

Yesterday afternoon the contractions started up again, and were 5 minutes apart for about an hour, but then they stopped.  I was hoping that something would happen over night, as my doc was on call until this morning - but no such luck.

I have no idea how long this is going to take. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a very active 3 year old that wants to play with his mommy. Poor thing just doesn't understand why Ican't crawl around on the floor like I did before.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

thank you !!

I have been feeling under the weather the past week - my feet are incredibly swollen and sore, and I am pretty sure the baby has engaged so I have lots of pelvic pressure also. But, I must say that my mom and mother in law are amazing. They have helped me out so much with Julien - I would just like to thank them!

My son would have spent the entire week watching tv if it weren't for their help!

please make it stop

I am so sick of people asking me if I am ready for the pregnancy to be over. I am only 38 weeks today - I could possibly have 4 weeks left of being pregnant. Yes, I am tired, sore, cranky and swollen - but that's ok - it all goes hand in hand with the end of pregnancy, especially in the humid weather. I can deal with it until the babe is ready to join us on the outside - so please, don't ask me if I am over being pregnant yet - because pretty soon, I am going to snap on someone.

Rant over

Sunday, August 8, 2010

heartbreaking news

I found out today that a member of my august mommies group gave birth to her little girl a few days ago. Unfortunately, there were some complications and her little girl didn't survive.

My heart is breaking for her and her family right now. Please know that your in my thoughts and prayers.

37 weeks

Today marks 37 weeks gestation for this pregnancy. I am a little surprised that I made it this far, as all along I figured I would end up induced early again because of PIH or Pre-E. However, my blood pressure has been up - but all tests are coming back ok so as of now it hasn't turned into pre - e this time! YAY!

Apparently, 37 weeks is considered full term, I don't think that way - but most babes born after this point have little to no health issues - that I am thankful for.

We are heading out today with a friend to have some family/mat pictures taken - my fingers are crossed that the rain holds off till after 12pm. We are meeting at 11am.