Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is very strange to realize that I am almost at my due date - and still no baby. From the beginning, I felt that I would end up with the same problems as Julien's pregnancy, and be induced early. Even my GP and OB figured it would happen.

When my BP started going up, my OB just wanted to get me to 37 weeks, and then she was going to induce me - was she ever surprised when 37 weeks came and my bp had leveled off back to normal.

I feel very much like a first time mom, as I didn't go into labour naturally - and was being monitored so closely during the induction process with Julien.

I am getting anxious to meet this little babe - and very curioius to see what this one's personality will be like. I am looking forward to seeing Julien interact with his baby sibling - hoping for a great transition to big brotherhood, but prepared for some bumps along the way!

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