Saturday, July 31, 2010

We have a tough little boy

Julien is your stereotypical little boy. He is rough, he likes to climb and play and get into trouble. It;s pretty much a guarantee that he will have skinned knees all summer long, and for the most part they don't seem to bother him.

Last weekend, he tripped on my mothers laneway and skinned his knees (not badly) but he also took a small chunk out of his palm. We got him all cleaned up (after some drama) and all was better by wednesday.

Then, we had gone to bayshore yesterday and he likes to open the doors. Unfortunately, the doors going into the bay are extremely heavy, and don't have a push button.  He was having trouble, so I grabbed the handle and pulled -and then Jules started screaming. His foot had been in the way - and when I looked, there was blood everywhere. Apparently, the door hit the top of his toe and ripped the skin - I thought I had ripped off the toenail, but after further investigation it was just that the top of his toe had been sliced open.

Mom and I got him calmed down (I think I cried more than he did) and got him back to her place to clean him up. He did let us eventually put on a bandaid - and then decided that because of his toe he couldn't walk. As much as I wanted to let him get away with it - I told him that in the house he had to walk, but I would carry him outside since we weren't going to be putting his sandal back on that foot.

3 year old check up

Julien had his 3 year old check up yesterday, and he did awesome!

The receptionist bribed him into peeing in a cup (she told him that if he peed in the cup she would find a sucker for him) so, off to the bathroom we went and he peed in the cup! He got a big high five and hug from mommy for that. We go back to the office and he stood on the scale to get weighed - 31lbs! He gained 4 lbs from last year.

She took us into the room, and showed him the urine stick and how it changes colours, he was thrilled. Then she measured him and he is 3'1". He wouldn't let them measure him last year, so I am not sure how much he grew.

Doctor Cathy (as Julien calls her) came in and he let her do all the exams that were needed - but his eye never strayed far from the green sucker he chose that was sitting on the counter!

nursery progress

Finally we have some nursery progress!

A friend had painted the room for us, and just to finish up the closet - that is done! He did it last night! Now, J just has to finish his little projects (caulking on the baseboards and closet organizer) and then the room is ready for furniture!

I am so happy to have an end in sight! I ordered the glider from sears this week, so it should be here in the next 2 weeks. The crib is in the basement all ready to be put together, and we are hoping that with the closet organizer we won't need to use a dresser - but if we do need it, it is ready and waiting in the basement.

The bassinet is at my moms all put together, just waiting to bring it home (baby will sleep in our room for the first few months).
Things are moving along quickly! I will be 36 weeks tomorrow!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

babies room

we have been procrastinating getting the babe's room ready. Well, not necessarily procrastinating - it just seems that there is never enough time. But, as I am only a few short weeks from my due date - the rush is on. We have a wonderful friend that has done the painting for us (most of it, a few small spots need to be finished - but he was waiting on J to do the baseboards/trim). So that was J's project for last weekend - and Julien decided to help.

Filling in nail holes in the trim is a long process, but Julien was a trooper

15 years

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of my fathers death. It really surprised me how fast time had gone. In the last 15 years, so much has happened that he has missed out on.

My brother and I both graduated from high school; we both bought our first cars; I bought a house, got married; we both had children; My dad would have (when this one is born) 7 grand children. He loved kids - and was great with little ones. It really makes me sad to know that our children will never get to know their papa rick. I am sure that he would have been the same type of grandpa that his dad was - and he was pretty awesome.

So, I look back at all the memories I have, and promise myself that even though my kids don't KNOW papa rick, they will know just what he was like. Julien loves to go and visit him. He has fun looking at all the headstones, watching the waves made by boats as they pass by on the river; and in the summer - he loves to go for ice cream at the store beside the cemetary.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It has been a while since I have posted, sorry.

I am now over 34 weeks gestation; I have been experiencing the same complications I had with Julien, but some have crept up a little sooner.

My BP has been going up, so they have been sending me for NST's (non stress test) - makes sure babe is nice and happy; weekly bloodwork and urine checks. I have been having higher than normal levels of protein in my urine, which started around 32 weeks - but with Jules not until 36.

I have also been having bi-weekly growth ultrasounds to make sure that all is well with this little bean. It's nice to see the babe, but I hate that I have already had 5 u/s in this pregnancy - with probably at least one more.

Here is my latest belly picture

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

32 weeks

I am now 32 weeks. 6-10 weeks left of this pregnancy - seems unreal.

Here are a few pics of the belly:

Julien's 3rd birthday

Being 32 weeks pregnant, and having hosted our bbq on Canada Day, I knew that I would not be up to having Jule's birthday party at our home.  Julien attends nursery school at and they also host birthday parties for kids under the age of 10. Since he loves it there so much, we decided that we would book his party there.

The kids had so much fun, and it was so easy for me. I just had to bring in the cake and juice, and they did the rest. They set up the table with the cake and drinks, led a play class for the little ones, and they served the cake/drinks and took care of the clean up also.

It was definitely worth the money - and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a similar idea.

A wonderful visit with family

My fathers aunt and uncle live in BC. They came up for a quick visit in December, and another one this weekend. It was great to see them and have some memories with them visiting the next generation.

Here are a few pictures

Canada Day

Every year we try and have a bbq with our close friends on Canada day.  It has now changed, since almost all of us have little ones,but it was still a lot of fun

All tired out at the end of the day

31 weeks and a picnic

Last sunday marked my 31weeks gestation, and we had some good friends over for a picnic/soccer in the park