Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 year old check up

Julien had his 3 year old check up yesterday, and he did awesome!

The receptionist bribed him into peeing in a cup (she told him that if he peed in the cup she would find a sucker for him) so, off to the bathroom we went and he peed in the cup! He got a big high five and hug from mommy for that. We go back to the office and he stood on the scale to get weighed - 31lbs! He gained 4 lbs from last year.

She took us into the room, and showed him the urine stick and how it changes colours, he was thrilled. Then she measured him and he is 3'1". He wouldn't let them measure him last year, so I am not sure how much he grew.

Doctor Cathy (as Julien calls her) came in and he let her do all the exams that were needed - but his eye never strayed far from the green sucker he chose that was sitting on the counter!

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