Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 years

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of my fathers death. It really surprised me how fast time had gone. In the last 15 years, so much has happened that he has missed out on.

My brother and I both graduated from high school; we both bought our first cars; I bought a house, got married; we both had children; My dad would have (when this one is born) 7 grand children. He loved kids - and was great with little ones. It really makes me sad to know that our children will never get to know their papa rick. I am sure that he would have been the same type of grandpa that his dad was - and he was pretty awesome.

So, I look back at all the memories I have, and promise myself that even though my kids don't KNOW papa rick, they will know just what he was like. Julien loves to go and visit him. He has fun looking at all the headstones, watching the waves made by boats as they pass by on the river; and in the summer - he loves to go for ice cream at the store beside the cemetary.

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