Saturday, March 27, 2010

lucky me

Julien decided that he wasn't going to nap today. Not completely out of the ordinary, but I knew I would have to keep him really busy, which would be difficult as I had been nauseous since waking up this morning.  however, around 3 mom and I decided to head to bayshore with him. We walked around a bit, bought a gift mom needed to buy, Julien had some frozen yogurt. I had been hoping that wewould be there till around 6 pm, so that he could just fall asleep on the way home and he would hopefully sleep until 430 or 5am.

No such luck. We left at 5. He was out cold by 515. I am happy to report that he did sleep well until 230; then he was wide awake. So, here I am now online, surfing while he watches Dora and cleans up the yogurt that he managed to get all over the table.

Tomorrow may be a very long day. With any luck, he will be back in bed by 5am and I can get a few more hours of sleep.

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