Thursday, March 25, 2010

17 weeks and counting

As of March 21, I am 17 weeks pregnant. I am finally starting to feel good, and enjoy the pregnancy.  I am still sick most mornings, but it seems to be contained to within the first few hours of waking.

I don't find I am as fatigued as with Julien either - which is good since I have a 32 month old to chase after all day long!  I do find that my sleep is affected in the last few weeks, it takes me quite a while to get back to bed after Juliens late night wake up calls. But I am managing. As I said, I am starting to enjoy the pregnancy.

Little bean has started to get quite active, and while we were sitting at a stop light last night, it was as if bean was dancing to the music in the truck! Too funny.

Our next u/s is coming up, and we are most likely going tofind out the sex - if the baby co-operates of course. Still undecided if we will share it or not.

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