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5 Enchanting Ways To a help Your Kids Embrace Magic & Mystery

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Magic and mystery often don’t get the love that they deserve. However, they have the ability to provide enchanting experiences that can blow a child’s mind. As a parent, the sight of their stunned faces will live long in the memory too.

Knowing that you want to tap into the magic is one thing, but actively doing it is another. With the right strategy in place, it’ll cast a winning spell for all the family to enjoy. Here’s all you need to know.

1- Dip Into The World Of Wizards

When thinking about magical worlds, it is virtually impossible to ignore wizards. And one boy wizard stands out as a cultural phenomenon. As such, knowing where to watch Harry Potter movies online can be the perfect starting point. All eight movies in the HP franchise are sure to win the kids over. Once they fall in love with the films, it can be a great gateway to reading at a more advanced level.

Harry Potter isn’t the only wizardry story to consider. Merlin and The Vampire Diaries are popular choices. Meanwhile, teens are likely to love Twilight. The whole world of witches, wizards, and vampires will truly unlock a love of creative mysteries.

2- Play Magical Role Playing Games

Watching movies and reading literature are both great ways to embrace the magical world. Not least when kids want to keep themselves entertained. As a parent, though, you will want to participate in the activities too. After all, it won’t be long before the kids no longer ask for your involvement. Films are still a good option. But role-playing games offer another fantastic solution that can be enjoyed by all. 

Video games like World of Warcraft work well. In fact, they offer a chance for you to game together when you’re apart, such as when working away. Board games such as Archmage or Fairy Tale Inn highlight the fact that there is something for kids of different ages.

Credit - Pixabay CC0

3- Embrace Creative Writing

One of the main benefits of embracing magical features is that it builds a creative mindset. There is no better way to support this than through writing and artistic exercises. Youngsters can create fun characters ranging from fairies to monsters while parents help them build the story. They could also draw or paint their characters, bringing their vision to life in a very engaging manner. Your praise will mean a lot to them too.

In today’s world, there are plenty of computer tools that can take the activities to new levels. For example, their stories could be turned into animated shorts. Or you could play music together as a family with a focus on mysterious melodies.

4- Visit Mysterious Attractions

Days out are a surefire way to create magical memories. Tours based on film franchises are certainly an option. However, magic doesn’t have to be about wizards. Cirque Du Soleil is an equally enchanting activity for all the family. You may spark something special out of your kids while it’s sure to be an experience you talk about for a long time to come. You’ll also be sure to grab some incredible photos in the process. We really enjoyed our outing to Corteo in the spring.

Theme parks often have attractions that celebrate magical concepts too. In turn, you can build an entire vacation around them. Staying at Disney and waking up in the magical kingdom is unquestionably one of the most exciting examples.

5- Create Magical Tours Of Your Own

With a little research, you will not be short of days out that celebrate magic. Nevertheless, you should also know that it is possible to create your own magic. Creating a fairy garden in the backyard is a great example. Or you could build a treasure hunt or make up fun stories on walks through the park. Young kids will be amazed and you can turn this into something of a routine. It will become a core memory for your kids.

Ultimately, the chance to spend time together and feel engaged in family activities will benefit you all. Deciding how creative you’ll get is a personal choice, but you can always grab inspiration from other people via parenting forums.

The Final Word

Even if magic and mystery aren’t major parts of your life, they have a telling impact on young minds. As such, every parent should be open to activities built around those ideas. Even if they only stay in your life for a few short years, it is something you will cherish forever. 

Now, that’s magic.

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