Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Hello there everyone.  I can’t believe how long it has been since I have made a post on my little piece of the internet. It’s Valentine’s Day, so a perfect time to pop in and say hello.

The kids have grown so much (physically and emotionally!). They are 12 and 15 now.  They are both officially taller than me now - which makes me the shortest human in our household. Mr.K is in 7th grade at our local high school, and Mr.J is in 10th grade at our school boards virtual high school.  We realized not long into grade 9 that in person school didn’t seem to be the best fit, and second semester switched him over to virtual.  It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, but it’s definitely better suited to him than the brick and mortar school was.

It’s amazing to me to see the differences with how kids do best education wise.  I always knew the traditional school system wasn’t the best fit for my children, but homeschool wasn’t appealing, and private school was not in our financial budget.  Virtual seems to be a little better, and once he starts taking e-learning courses next year I think it’s going to be a game changer for him.

Mr.K is muddling his way through the transition from a small elementary school to a huge high school. It’s taken a while, but I think he is starting to adjust now.

At home, we are still so glad to have Cerberus in our lives. Adding him to our family was definitely the right thing, at the right time.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family, and definitely the best part of 2022.  Not only is he a big, goofy, loving floofball… he also gets us out of the house.  This has been a great thing for me, not only physically, but also for my mental health.  We pretty much do twice daily walks (very rarely we may only do one, but generally it’s a long one if that’s the case).  Back in the late fall, he had a neurological incident that frightened us. We rushed to the emergency vet, but by the time we got there he was completely back to normal.  Their best guess, from our description, was that he had a small stroke. We are very lucky, and he didn’t suffer any Ill effects from it - physically or neurologically.  He was extra sleepy and clingy for a day or 2, but that was about it.

He does keep us on our toes - he went for a 30 minute escapade one day when the door didn’t latch properly.  He thankfully found his way home while we were out looking for him, and Mr.J was guarding the window for possibly sightings.  It definitely scared us though.

He celebrated his 7th birthday recently (which happens to also be our wedding anniversary).

True to the northern breed, he loves to be outside in the snow. The negative temperatures don’t phase him at all. Especially when he is meant to go out for the last time prior to bed….he will often lie down and settle right into the snow. Leaving me trying to bribe him indoors so I can go to sleep.

I think that’s about all the updates I have right now.  I would love to hear from you - feel free to pop an update or a hello in the comment section.

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