Saturday, June 4, 2022

Cerberus is settling in

It’s now been a week since we adopted our pup, Cerberus.  He is talking a bit more, and loves to be around people. He has met a couple of our friends/family and greetings are always the same - he noses around them for a bit, then sits and expects to be pet. He will follow the new friend around to make sure they don’t forget he likes to be pet. No jumping, growling or barking.

We discovered his dislike of thunder. He jumped into our bed at 2am Thursday night and stayed there most of the storm. I am not a fan of dogs sleeping in my bed, so it’s only allowed to happen during thunder or fireworks.  He is pretty good about listening to get down when he hops onto the furniture.

I am still not able to walk him, and hubby is starting to get the hang of stopping or turning around any time he pulls. I have some help coming over this weekend to work with us on the leash walking.

Now that he has been here and getting to know us, he lets us see his chatty side! It’s still not as often as I expected. Mainly when he greets us in the morning and when he knows he is going for a walk!

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