Monday, October 26, 2020

All Aboard the BRIO Train - Choo Choo! {review}

The set we were sent for review #Sponsored 

My kids loved playing with trains when they were young. We had a few different sets, and they saw a lot of use over the years. Trains are the type of toy that is classic. Most kids enjoy playing with them at some point, and they never really go out of style. When I was offered the chance to review the BRIO line of Smart Tech trains, I couldn't turn it down.  My kids are older, and not really into trains at this point, but I knew it would be a great item to fill my readers in on.  

The Smart Tech trains are battery operated and will run along the tracks. They make noise, and there are tunnels and other accessories that can be used with the sets as well. The Smart Tech trains can be paired with the Smart Tech Sound app (not necessary to use the sets, just a bonus) and with the app the sounds can be customized.

I was sent the Brio Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel Set. It didn't take long to put the track together (it is best on a firm, flat surface - I didn't have room anywhere but my carpet, and it was fine, but would be better on a smoother area). 

In addition to the track and train, the set comes with 2 people, luggage, trees and tunnel. If you stand the people on the platform, they can even hold the luggage in their hand.

I really like the BRIO line of Smart Tech toys. It is easy to use the imagination, be creative, uses fine motor skills and its fun! If you have a pre-school or school aged train lover in your life, this line would be a great gift. The sets can be used together, and other accessories can be purchased to go along with them also.

Here is a short video I took of the train. It did have a little trouble getting up the hill, however I think that was because the tracks are on carpet so it wasn't completely even. As mentioned above, it will work best on a flat, firm surface.

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