Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Have a Little Fun "Raising Hell"

The snow has arrived, which has us starting our hibernation mode.  I am not one for cold, outdoor activities. I forced myself to enjoy snow play when my children were little, but now that they are older - I don't like to participate anymore. I prefer the warmth inside my home.

It's the perfect time to invite some friends over, pour some drinks (alcoholic or non) and gather round the table for a fun time playing "Raising Hell".

Thanks to Hasbro for sending over this Raising Hell party kit :)
This game needs multiple players. One person is the judge (you switch each round), and the others have to use their cards to come up with the perfect caption to a photo (chosen from another deck).  The judge decides who wins with the caption that suits the photo best. The winner from that round keeps the photo card, and when the game ends, whoever has the most photos wins the game.

You may be wondering why it's called "Raising Hell"....that is the fun part. The photos all consist of things that children do. Maybe it is a mess they made, or a sticky situation they got into.  But as parents, I am sure we can all agree that while we all love our "little angels", they aren't always so angelic.

The game is definitely meant for adults. There are some caption cards that are definitely not appropriate for children.

I suggest you pull this out on your next get together. Settle the kids in another room with their own board game or a movie, and the adults can sit around with this one. It would make a great gift for someone at Christmas as well.

Hasbro also generously sent me a second copy to include in a gift drive for families this Christmas.

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