Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Kids Are Back To School - Time To Pamper Yourself

Most Canadian kids are heading back to school this week (mine included). When this happens, I like to spend a bit of time pampering myself. I am home with them for the majority of summer, and while I love them, and have fun spending time and exploring with them, it is a lot of time together, and I need a bit of a breather when they head back to school.

I generally spend a day poolside with a friend at some point during the first week back, but I also like to do a bit of pampering. It's not always possible to go to a spa, but you can pamper yourself at home.

Get your bathroom set up and ready (cleaning it the day before works well) Gather your towels and face cloths, nail polish, file and clippers, and any other items you need for your pampering. Soft music playing in the background is always lovely, and if you are a candle fan you can add some lit candles as well in your favourite scent. (I really like listening to ocean sounds, and find vanilla scented candles are very calming)

It's always a good idea to do some research before switching skin care products. You want to make sure you are using products geared to your skin type, and that target the areas you are looking for. You can check out Canadian online retailer for great information. They have product descriptions (including ingredients and instructions).

At home mini facial:
  • Gather your favourite skin care products
  • cleanse the skin on your face
  • gently exfoliate
  • apply a face mask
  • if your skin is super dry, moisturize

At home pedicure:
  • remove any polish on your toes
  • fill the tub with warm water and add epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils (if wanted)
  • soak feet for 10-15 minutes 
  • (you can spend some time reading a book or magazine)
  • dry feet thoroughly
  • trim nails
  • paint your toe nails with your favourite polish colour
  • allow to dry for 20-30 minutes

At home manicure:
  • remove polish
  • trim nails 
  • apply a moisturizer
  • once moisturizer has soaked in, paint your nails using favourite polish colour
  • allow to dry for 20-30 minutes

Once your pampering is finished, you can spend time watching a movie you have wanted to see, or binge watching something fun that you didn't get a chance to see before.  Pampering is always better with a friend, so you could even invite another mom over to have a pamper party together!  If you really want to go all out, then you could even book an at home massage - which would be a fantastic way to end your day of pampering.


  1. when my girls were still in school, I used to love when they went back, I was able to super clean the house and do what I wanted to do through out the day! but now that they are out and living on their own, I miss them dearly and the daily bickering between them, the house is so quiet and lonely now

  2. I miss having my kids around for sure but it is great to take care of yourself too :)

  3. I think its very important to pamper ones self!!

  4. It's so important,thanks for the read !

  5. sounds nice - a facial and manicure would be lovely right about now ;-)


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