Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Summer Update

The August long weekend has come and gone, which means summer is officially half over. The kids go back to school in 3.5 weeks.

This year summer break has been a bit different than past years. Mr. J is 12 now, and has much more freedom than in past years. Last year he stayed home on the days I worked, but he couldn't have anyone over or go anywhere himself. This year, he has a key to the house which means he can come and go a little more freely.  He also got a summer gym membership (one of the chains does a free teen membership for 12-17 year olds). He and a friend bike over and meet up to do a little bit of a workout.  He went golfing with his dad the first week of summer, and has been out with my cousin a few times as well.  The only thing better for him would be if he found a way to make some money. He really wants to work, but unfortunately is too young. Most places won't hire until 15, so he still has a few years to go.

Mr. K longs for the freedom that his big brother has, but it's a few years away for him. We have spent a lot of time swimming, there have been nerf fights, a trip to my aunt and uncles cottage (we go up every summer at least once). He also got to experience go karting for the first time and fell in love with it. He asks almost every day to go again. He and I have also done a couple rounds of mini putt (he got two hole in ones!), strawberry picking and completed lots of puzzles.

Don't let how busy we have been fool you though, there has been a lot more screen time than there should be. I try to keep a good balance between it all, but sometimes I just need some downtime for myself too.

When my kids were first in school, I LIVED for school breaks. I missed them so much, and absolutely loved having them home with me at Christmas, march break, pd days and summer vacation. As they got a little older, and got along less, I found the breaks hard....they were long, and lonely, and sometimes I couldn't wait until the first day of school.

I am happy to say that this summer does not have me counting down the hours until school is back in session. I do however, find myself missing those carefree summers when we spent hours on walks, bike rides, and trips to the park. Things change so much as the kids get older. I love watching them grow, and explore and branch out - but it's so much more on their own. I don't know exactly how they are spending every minute of the day. I wish I had cherished those summers just a little more than I did at the time. It goes so fast, and you blink and they aren't holding your hand anymore. Then they are spending more time in their room, out with their friends. Mr. J is going into high school next year (well, grade 7 but it's at the high school). 6 more years of school and he is finished.

Savour the moments you have with your kids when they are young. They grow up so, so fast.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of how fast they grow up. I couldn't agree more...my kids are still young but things have already changed a lot from even three years ago. Now they are getting more independent, and I look at old photos and I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. At the time it felt like forever, and it was hard to appreciate it as it was happening. But lately I've been starting to get more aware of how I should appreciate the current phase, and especially, to spend time with them (while they still want to spend time with me!).


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