Thursday, December 13, 2018

Kitchen Gadgets From Hamilton Beach

This year, when it comes to gift giving, if you have someone that is hard to buy for, consider gifting them a new gadget for their kitchen.  I actually love when my hubby buys me stuff like this because they aren't things I will go out and spend money on myself.  Sometimes it's time for an upgrade, but because our current one still functions sporadically, I don't want to buy a new one yet....even though it's frustrating to use.

Hamilton Beach has some great items you can add for your consideration.

For the baker in your life, a good hand mixer is definitely a MUST HAVE

Hamilton Beach® Professional 5 Speed Hand Mixer

MSRP: $39.99

Looking to bake up a storm over the holidays or shopping for a baker? This ergonomically designed hand mixer features a powerful, lightweight motor, and five-speed settings - including a slow starting speed to prevent splatters. The swivel cord makes this mixer easy for left or right handeduse, and the snap-on storage case keeps beaters, whisk and other attachments in one place.

or for the smoothie or shake lover in your life, the All Metal Drink Mixer is a great option

Hamilton Beach® Professional All-Metal Drink Mixer

MSRP: $159.99

Mix things up this year with Hamilton Beach’s Professional Series Drink Mixer - it’s perfect for indulgent or healthier options! With a tilting mixing head, 100 watts of power, and a 2-speed motor, this mixer is ideal for creating protein shakes, fruit smoothies, omelettes, and scrambled eggs.

and for the adventurous coffee lover in your life, if they are up for trying something a bit different, you can always get them the Cold Brew Pitcher

Hamilton Beach® Cold Brew Pitcher

MSRP: $29.99

Start Saturday morning with a refreshingly cold version of a hot favourite! Hamilton Beach’s Cold Brew Pitcher is a great gift idea for the early-riser. This new product allows one to enjoy less acidic, smooth tasting cold brew coffee. Just fill the carafe with water, add coarsely ground coffee to the infuser, add the lid and shake the pitcher before placing in the refrigerator overnight.

For me, Christmas came a little early when I found the Easy Reach Convection Toaster Oven under my tree! We were in desperate need of a toaster oven. Ours had been on the fritz for almost a year. Sometimes it would toast, and other times it wouldn't. You could not toast anything back to needed a good amount of time in between to cool down or your second batch would come out as warm bread.

(it's not as large as the box itself, it will fit on your counter)
The Easy-Reach Convection Toaster Oven has certainly come in handy over the last little bit. It's nice to put something in, and come back to it done exactly how we want it. Also, it has a 6 slice capacity for bread, which means I can make breakfast for both the boys and myself at once.  It's slightly larger than our old one, but it still fits perfectly on the counter.

This one come with a removable tray - which is a MUST (in my eyes) for easy cleaning. It just pulls out from the front and you can dump the crumbs into your compost.
I was so thrilled with the removable tray; I used to have to lift up my old toaster oven to empty
As you can probably tell, I am a wee bit happy with my new toaster oven....yes, I do get excited over items like this. Anything that makes my mornings easier, I am all for.  What is your favourite kitchen gadget?  


  1. All great items, I need a new hand mixer and this just might be the one to get!

  2. I bought that exact toaster oven when we moved into our new home. I just love it! :)

  3. I love Hamilton Beach products! We have a coffee maker and a food processor from this brand and they work great

  4. I could do some serious damage with that drink mixer. LOVE milkshakes!!!


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