Sunday, August 19, 2018

Summer Week 7

Wow - only 2 weeks left of summer vacation for us, and then back to school.  Week 7, the kids were in a multi-sport camp at a local golf club. They did archery, tennis, volleyball, basketball and ball hockey, as well as swimming every day and some other small activities in between.  It is by far one of the best camps they have ever done, and they are super excited and wanting to go back next year as well.

Week 7 also saw the end of the soccer season for both of them. Mr. J played his last team game, as well as a call up game. They also both had their end of season "festival" on the weekend. (It's not a tournament because they don't keep score, and there are no "winners". However, the coaches, kids and parents do keep track. Mr. J's team won their first game and tied the next 2. Mr. K's team won the first 2 and lost the third).

Now we are onto week 8, no camps for the rest of the summer, and time to get somewhat back into routine.

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