Saturday, August 4, 2018

Summer Week 5

Last week Mr. J was in another soccer camp. This one was a representative camp (competitive); he is planning on trying out for rep next season, and this was a good glimpse of what the competition is like.  He really enjoyed it, but was he ever exhausted. There was a huge difference between the two weeks - it was very apparent they worked them much harder.

He was really glad when I picked him up yesterday afternoon and it was the last day of camp; he said he learned a lot, and definitely improved in goal keeping, but he is happy he doesn't have to go back this week.

Mr. K was home with me. We went swimming, had a friend over, a few nerf fights with the neighbours.

My niece joined us last night and during their dads soccer game, the 3 kids ended up going over to the splash pad and having fun together.

For me, the week was a little bit hectic. #BloggersFete started on Wednesday, and there is a lot to get done behind the scenes before it goes live. Between that, and soccer every night, it was just a tad bit busy.

We are more than half way through summer now - only 4 weeks left before school starts.


  1. We only have 2 weeks of summer vacation left here. Schools starts August 21 (We finished June 8th). Summer went by so fast this year!

    1. Wow, that is early. What area do you live in?


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