Friday, August 10, 2018

Summer 2018 Reading List Update

A few months ago, I wrote about my 2018 reading list - a list of books I was hoping to read before the year finished.  I updated it in February, but then kind of forgot about it - until this week.  The ones that are struck out are the ones that I have read this year.

·  In a Dark, Dark Wood
·  Origin
·  Harry Potter Series
·  Anne of Green Gables Series
·  Anne of Green Gables (book 1)
·  Grey
·  Darker
·  The Lying Game
·  The Woman In The Window
·  Black Daggar Brotherhood (series)
·  The English Wife
·  The Wife Between Us
·  The Perfect Mother
·  Sisters Like Us

I will often reserve books at the library, and then try patiently waiting for the other 58 people ahead of me to make their way through the books. When I can't wait any longer, I will either order from an online bookstore, or trade with other avid readers in a facebook group I am a part of.

It's really important to me that my kids read as well. Both of my boys had some struggles when it came to learning to read, and I think in their cases, kind of turned them against reading for fun. Mr. J (11) had a reading log this year from his teacher and was supposed to be reading 20 minutes each evening. Once we found an author that he liked (Gordon Korman), getting him to read became easier. He would often end up reading for close to an hour each night.

Mr. K hasn’t really started into chapter books yet, but I am hoping to soon find a series that he will love. He has a fondness for dinosaurs, and he really enjoys me reading to him; we have read dinosaur fact books quite often, and we will also do activity books together like this dinosaur activity book.

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  1. I was wondering about The Wife Between Us,was it a good read?


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