Saturday, July 28, 2018

Summer Week 4

This was an interesting week. The kids were both in day camps. Mr. J was attending a soccer camp that is run by the soccer club he plays for, and Mr. K was in a biking camp. Both camps spend the majority of their time outdoors.

Of course, after no rain in the last few weeks, and super hot temperatures - this week was when we got hit with the a rainy week. Monday was overcast, and not much rain during the day (but huge downpour in the evening and over night), Tuesday saw some rain in the afternoon, and wednesday rained almost the entire day.

Thursday was absolutely beautiful.

Despite the rain, the kids enjoyed their camps. Mr. K has done the bike camp the last 2 summers (2 weeks each summer), and I am sure if I signed him up again he would happily go back. It's pretty much the highlight for him each summer.

Mr. J has done PD day camps with the soccer club before, but never a full week. I was a little concerned that he would be done with soccer after playing all day, and then having a game Monday night, and practice Wednesday - but he wasn't. He has been called up a few times to U12 games, which are Tuesday nights - and this week was no exception. He was happy to go, and the coach even asked him to come to their practice last night.

He has another week of soccer camp next week as well, hopefully he loves it just as much.

I spent a lot of the week getting things ready for #BloggersFete. We kickoff August 1st with a twitter party, so there has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff to get ready for that.

I also went and saw Mamma Mia 2 with my mom and brother earlier in the week.  On Thursday I went to visit my cousin who just had her second child, and got to have some brand new baby snuggles, and some playtime with her 2 year old.


  1. Getting ready for #BloggersFete must have taken many hours,thanks for all you do the twitter party was fun and wow so many amazing prizes!

    1. Thank you Kathy, it definitely is a lot of work, but we have a lot of fun during this time - and it's worth it!


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