Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Today Was A Good Day

The boys on a hike in the fall

Today did not go as expected. The morning started off the way it always does, with Mr. K up ridiculously early. We had breakfast, played monopoly gamer, and I got lunches ready. The unexpected part, was that there was no fighting. The kids weren't fighting with each other, they weren't arguing with me.  When it was time to go, there was only minor delays to getting their outdoor gear on, and then they were off to school. I realized after they left that it's the first morning in quite awhile that has gone so smoothly.

It was Ash Wednesday, so there was a liturgy at the school. I try my hardest to make it to every liturgy, assembly, or activity that invites parents. I want my kids to see my presence in their school, and I want the teachers to see it as well.  I am a member of the school council, and volunteer for as much as I can, so the majority of teachers know me by sight, if not by name. It's always been important to me that I have a good relationship with all of their teachers, and I find that if I know the teachers before they teach my kids, it's an easier transition to the school year.

In the afternoon, Mr. J had an appointment so I picked him up early. On our way, he mentioned that he wanted to get his haircut. This was a shock, he likes his hair longer and I normally have to force him to get a trim 2 - 3times a year. So, since he asked, I messaged the hair dresser the kids go to. She works out of her home, but I knew she was moving very soon. Lucky for us, she was able to see him at 6:15 last night....otherwise, it would have had to wait until early March.
Mr. J with his new cut

After his afternoon appointment, we went to karate and then had time to stop and pick up a bagel for dinner, and then to his appointment.  We got home, and hubby and Mr. K were both asleep.

As I was reflecting on the day after Mr. J went to bed, I realized what an awesome day it had been. We were all happy and had some great interactions together. So often I find myself rushing through the morning to get things done before they are out the door, that we don't have any time to connect before starting the day. I realized just what a difference it makes when we have some quality time together at the beginning of each day.


  1. Mr. J's haircut looks awesome :)


  2. It's really great when you have a really good day. I need one of those soon. LOL! Mornings can be so hectic. Quality time is so important and nice. :)


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