Sunday, January 28, 2018

How To Put Together A Chemo Care Package

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Cancer really sucks. I wish that no one had to suffer from it, but unfortunately at this point, that's not the world we live in.  If you have found this post through a search, let me say how sorry I am that you are needing to utilize these ideas. When our loved ones are going through treatments, it's hard to sit and watch. A very close family member will be starting their chemo therapy treatment this coming week, and I put together a chemo care package for them.

I knew their spouse had a million things on their mind and on the go, so I decided to help out and take this off their plate.

I ordered a quilt from Victoria's Quilts Canada; a friend sent me the link, I had never heard of them before. You are able to request a quilt for someone that has been diagnosed with cancer. All the quilts are brand new, and have been donated to the organization, so there is no cost to request one (although a donation to the organization is always appreciated).

Items needed for care package:
  • bag (I used a reusable shopping bag, that is large enough to fit the quilt and other items)
  • lip balm
  • hand sanitizer
  • body lotion/hand cream
  • ginger candies or citrus candies (sucking on them might help reduce nausea)
  • kleenex
  • hat or scarf for their heads
  • magic bag (my friend makes them - I purchased one for myself for my neck and shoulders, and it was wonderful; I added one to the care package). If gifting to someone going through chemo, ask for one unscented in case they suffer from nausea.
  •  a thoughtful card or note
  • a journal if they like to write
  • small photo album (to look through, or to show off grand-kids photos to nurses)
  • crossword puzzle, word search or a novel to help pass the time
  • snacks for a caregiver (home made muffins, fruits or veggies, cheese and crackers)
  • warm socks
  • slippers
  • reusable water bottle for them and their caregiver
This is just a general guideline of course, depending on how well you know the person, you can customize or add other items that would fit well.


  1. What a nice idea! My sister had to go through chemo as a teenager, just over a decade ago. I remember taking her one time. It's rough to go through and a care package is such a thoughtful idea.

  2. This is such a great idea, those Nivea lip balms you include are my absolute favourite

  3. Love this idea, what a thoughtful way to let someone going through chemo know you are thinking about them!

  4. This is so incredibly thoughtful and would really bring a cheerful note to someone going through a difficult time. Great idea!

  5. Great ideas. I just sent a similar package to my aunt that starts treatment for cancer soon. I'm going to pin your post since you thought of things I didn't think of.

  6. What a thoughtful gift to put together for someone who is going through something so difficult. Great ideas!

  7. This is such a great idea. Going through chemo is so hard. This care package helps and it is a great way to show you care in a way they can use.

  8. This is such a thoughful idea. I love the fact that you think about their nausea with the candies to suck on. I also bet someone going through such a tough time in their life love the fact that they were being thought of. I also think you could use the 'idea' for the elderly in a nursing home that may not have family that come to visit too.


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