Thursday, November 9, 2017

Time For Something New

I have had many different hairstyles over the years. From lomg (half way down my back) to super short (pixie style) and lots in between.  2 Years ago I decided I wanted to donate my hair, but it was pretty short - so I started growing it out. I had one cut a few months later (to change the shape since it had been a super short style).  This fall I knew it was time. I did some searching online for shorter hairstyles that I liked, and made the appointment.

With the style I chose, my hair dresser was able to cut 6 inches off for me to donate. I chose to donate to a local woman who adds the hair to hats for women to purchase. I have actually met a woman that has purchased from her, so it made it a little more personal than sending it to some of the other places that use it for wigs.

It was a pretty big change - but I am loving it!  Have you ever donated your hair before?


  1. I love the new hair-do! It looks awesome on you :)

  2. Nice hair do and I think it's wonderful that you donated your hair.


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