Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Playmobil Advent Calendars

As we get closer to the Christmas season, families often have countdowns going. Some use their normal calendar, others use the chocolate advent calendars that can be purchased and some have their own advent traditions.

Growing up, our family always had the chocolate advent calendars that are abundant in stores at the time of year.

When my kids were small, we also used the chocolate ones, but my kids didn't understand the fact that you only eat one, and would often sneak open many windows eating  3 or more chocolates at once.

When I first saw the Playmobil advent calendars, I thought they were a great idea. Something fun for them to open and play with, without adding in sugar to their day.

This year, Mr. K will have the Playmobil Santa's Workshop advent calendar and Mr. J will have the NHL Rivalry on the Pond advent calendar.

How do you celebrate advent with your children?

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