Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Awesome Little Green Men #2017GG

Have an awesome Christmas this year with Awesome Little Green Men under the tree! The deluxe battle is a great way to start off. It comes with men from both infantries (8 figures) a poster, dog tags, and 2 chains.

You can also purchase blind boxes (a surprise figure, dog tag and chain) or the starter pack which comes with 4 figures, 4 dog tags and 1 chain.

My kids have always enjoyed playing with action figures, and have a fascination with the military as well.

Little Green Men can be purchased at Toys R Us, Indigo and other Canadian Retailers.  Cost for the blind boxes approximately $5.99, starter pack $19.99 and deluxe battle pack $39.99.


  1. My boys would definitely love these little guys. Thanks for the perfect gift recommendation for them.

  2. These are really cute i think my grandson would like them

  3. I find these little fellas rather adorable, not sure if my grandsons would though.


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