Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer 2017 Re-Cap

This summer was probably one of the roughest we have had. The kids didn't have many friends to play with, and that meant more time together than they would like. This, of course, lead to a ridiculous amount of fighting.

Even with all that fighting and bickering, we managed to have a pretty decent summer.  Mr. J went away to summer camp for the first time. The kids spent a lot of time with their cousins, which I think is extremely important.  It's great that they can be friends as well as cousins. Mr. J is only 6 months younger than his cousins, so they will all end up at the same high school together - in the same grade.

Once again we purchased a swim membership, and Mr. K and I definitely got our moneys worth out of it. We averaged 3 trips a week over the summer, and I plan on using the fitness portion of the membership throughout the fall and winter.

The kids both did summer day camps that they enjoyed, we had trips to the park, a few bike rides (not as many as I would have liked), Saunders Farm, Rays Reptiles, nerf fights, water fights and some down time as well.

Mr. K spent the majority of his summer sleeping in a tent in our living room. His dad added blankets to the furniture so that he also had a fort in front of the tent.  I had hoped to try camping for the first time this year, but that didn't happen. I did, however, sleep in the tent for a few nights with him when he asked.

Over the summer I made the decision to return to work part time. I am on the hunt for a position that will work for me and our family. That was a decision that didn't come easy, but once I made up my mind, I have been quite excited about it.

I hope that you had a wonderful summer - feel free to leave a comment below with what the highlight was for you!

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  1. This year was very quiet for me, it's usually busy and with stuff going on, but for some reason it was one of those years, we just stayed home and did nothing, blah


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