Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back To School Wordsearch Printable

It's that time of year. Back to school is just around the corner. My kids start back on September 5th. Most years, I get sad around this time. Knowing that summer is almost over and they are heading back to class. No more care free summer days filled with swimming, biking, freezies and lazing around.

This year, I am sad to say I do not feel that way. This year, for the first time ever I am actually looking forward to them being back in school. We have had a lot of fun this summer. Lots of swimming, lots of sleepovers, lots of activity...but also lots of fighting. Honestly, the fighting has barely stopped. The only time they are not fighting is when one of them isn't home.

I am sure I will feel a little twinge of sadness when I walk them to school on the first day, but nothing like recent years.  I will once again pick up a friend after the bell rings and head to the pool. Sitting poolside relaxing and chatting with the water to cool us off is a lovely way to spend the first day.

If you have kids, feel free to print out the wordsearch below for them to complete before heading back for their first day.

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